Shenanigans is an event where all are welcome. Our community has a full spectrum of races, sexualities, genders, appearances, abilities and fetishes. People of all types are a part of our community and every member is a reason to be celebrated. There will be NO shaming or bullying tolerated.

If at any time while taking part in Shenanigans, you feel in any way shamed or attacked, please let a member of our staff know immediately. The situation will be dealt with.

We see you. We love you. Come, let’s get down to some shenanigans.

What is the cost to attend for the weekend?

There is no run package fee. The Friday and Saturday night social space costs $10 cash to enter.  Other than that, come on down! It’s free to attend.

Expenses for Rooms, Food, Alcohol, and Shopping? That’s on you, Boo!

Is this a Pansexual event?

YES!!!! Everyone is welcome.

What is the dress code?

This is a public Hotel, HOWEVER, as long as your naughty bits are covered, You are welcome to go with a very limited amount of clothing.

All Genitalia, Female Nipples and Rear Entrances must stay covered in public spaces!

Personal Space (As it relates to Consent)

This should be common sense… However, just to be safe:

We strive to create an atmosphere where all are welcome. You may encounter individuals who are protective of their personal space/boundaries. Please do not touch without asking.  This includes persons and property.

Should you be asked to stop and do not, you will be asked to leave the event and venue.


For those new to the scene, RACK means Risk Aware Consensual Kink!  Be cognizant that consent is ALWAYS Mandatory!