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Tampa Bay Bondage Club


House Toujours Prêt

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International Puppy Contest ™ – Puppy Mosh and Pool Party Sponsor


DaddyBabyGirl – After Care Room Sponsors


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Florida Leather Sir/boy – Florida Community BootBlack 
Friday Night Cigar Social Sponsor


MR. Bootblack Pop-up Shoe Shine
Bootblack Services Sponsor


Ignixia – Kink Positive Education
Blogger/Podcast Lounge Sponsor


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MarsFlyers – Printing Sponsor


Mr. Hat Designs – Graphic Design Sponsor

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Pinellas Firearms Training is a family owned and operated training company offering Firearms Safety (concealed weapons), CPR, and First Aid Classes. They have full judgmental/use of force situational awareness simulator to help train for real life events.


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Florida Power Exchange’s mission is to provide a yearly event that gives a platform to celebrate and educate on the diversely unique Power Exchange dynamics that are lived throughout the State of Florida. We hope to accomplish this by providing an environment that fosters an opportunity to learn, share and come together in a way that unifies us all as one group of like minded members whose goal is to foster a stronger and more understanding community.


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The HP Sisterhood (HPS) is a women’s support group for those that appreciate, support, protect and celebrate the female presence in the Leather, M/s,D/s,Kink and BDSM lifestyle. HPS strives to educate, mentor, serve, support and fellowship together within the community. There is a place for all sisters here; from those who give amazing hugs to those who have the energy to volunteer all day every day. We want your support and we want to support you. We rise by lifting others up.


Bronze Sponsors


Dapper and Urban recognizes the need for accessories to compliment dapper queer dressers of all genders. The designs vary from cute and fun to edgy. Fabrics are locally sourced and vintage with custom flourishes. All bow ties are handmade.



West Coast Jungle Gym – A weekend of fun for all little-type folks! Featuring: Jungle Gym Playroom, Footie PJ Movie Party, Karaoke Night, World of Magic Show, Diaper Olympics, Little Scots Jamboree, Dark Age Play Dungeon, 20 Classes, Vendors, plus much, much more! All Little, Middle, ABDL, Pet and Age Players welcome!
September 6-8, 2019
San Diego, CA


Pirate Caffeine – We are Tampa Bay’s premier Nitro cold brew and coffee truck! And we cater or work any event. We specialize in: 5k’s, weddings, farmer markets, school events, food truck events and Mother day events. We do them all. Contact us to book your date.” Our Nitro cold brew is made in house. Every day on the truck we will have 2 Nitro cold brews, a nitro cold brew tea and one of our sparkling waters!


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